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The Ultimate Display of Accomplishments: The Tutor/Student Brunch 2011
By: Sarah Reiner

"I love my work as an adult literacy tutor; it has reawakened my enthusiasm for learning and provided an outlet for my educational energies. I have enjoyed the weekly challenges and joys of tutoring at LVOY since October 2010 and yet I was left speechless after the Tutor/Student Brunch. The brunch is a must attend event for all tutors, students, board members, and individuals who support the students who spend endless hours working to achieve their goals. I attended the brunch solo, as I was unable to persuade my tutee to join me for the morning. The atmosphere was full of cheer and yet there was a palpable anxiety that I attributed to first time jitters of students eager to share their stories and achievements. I glanced around, trying not to look too obvious at my attempt to maintain my part in the ongoing, but dying, conversation. Our conversation comfortably shifted as we focused on our new task: to complete the icebreaker challenging each of us to tap our inner child to recall fairy tale characters and storylines"...

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