LVOY Staff and Board of Directors

LVOY Staff


Organize, manage and develop the programs of the Literacy Volunteers Ontario - Yates. Responsible for implementing the policies and objectives of the Board of Directors. Responsible for supervision and evaluation of the staff. Act as primary spokesperson on the Literacy Volunteers Ontario - Yates to the public.

LITERACY COORDINATORS: Anne Schuhle (Yates County); Carolyn DiDuro (Ontario County), Donna Cotter (Ontario County)

Responsible for all aspects of Basic and ESL Literacy Programs, from intake, processing, matching, and support of tutors and students to training and reports to meet program objectives.

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS: Kristen Liberty (Ontario County); Linda Fox (Yates County)

Assist the Director and Student/Tutor Coordinators in the management of the programs and activities of LVOY.

Board of Directors

Board members support the mission of Literacy Volunteers by contributing their leadership and talents to the planning of Literacy Volunteers Ontario - Yates (LVOY) programs and activities. Board members also serve as advocates for LVOY programs in the community. This responsibility includes serving one to two terms of three years in length on the Board of Directors and participating in at least one of the Board Committees. Board members are required to attend an orientation session. They are also encouraged to attend the LVOY Annual Meeting, Student-Volunteer Recognition events, and a tutor-training workshop. An important role of every Board Member is to support and participate in LVOY fundraisers.

2013-2014 Board of Directors
(effective July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014)

Angela Gonzalez- President
Ryan Hallings – Vice President
Beth Newell- Secretary
Brad Cohen – Treasurer
Paul Miller, Exec. Director

Jennifer Cintron
Mary Ellen Darling
John Keller
Roger Morse
Kim Reisch
Heather Swanson